Micro Tuff™ Description

A Polymer That Improves Surface Performance on Tooling, Dies, and Molds


Micro Tuff™ is designed for ultimate performance on Tooling, Dies, Molds, and Roll surfaces. It reduces faction, galling and wear, while also, improving lubricity, release and corrosion resistance. Micro Tuff™ gives metals the surface condition needed to perform in industrial environments.

Micro Tuff™ can be applied to any metal or alloy, regardless of its hardness or application. Specific applications include: hard chromium, nickel, electroless nickel, stainless steel, tool steel, Stavax™, Ramax™ thermal spray, aluminum, copper, as well as a host of other metal surfaces.

Micro Tuff™ is a long-chain, highly cross-linked polymer, with an organic penetrating agent that is provided in bar form. It is used to impregnate metallic substrates and coatings, thereby, improving surface performance. Micro Tuff™ polymerizes during application, wherein it takes on synergistic properties.

Micro Tuff™ is impregnated into the micro-crystal structure of the metal. This provides a homogeneous and dense alloy of bonded polymer. Micro Tuff™ impregnation completely seals off the substrate and imparts time release lubricity to the overall surface.

Micro Tuff™ works on the molecular level and performs wherever surfaces interact. It is faster, easier and cheaper to apply than PVD or Plasma coatings and provides much better performance than Teflon™ and Dry Film coatings do. Components such as Dies, Molds, Tooling, Rolls, Screws, Rods and Hydraulics will benefit from the improved surface performance that Micro Tuff™ provides.


Micro Tuff™ is a long chain organic polymer with a dense molecular structure. It is formulated in an easy to use bar that is about 2″ in diameter by 6″ long. It contains both High Density Polymers and Special Penetrators that allow impregnation on the molecular level into the crystal structure of the metal. The penetration is complete, thereby, filling the structure with polymer. This effectively seals the surface which greatly improves its performance.

Once applied, the Micro Tuff™ impregnated surface will:

  • Not change the dimensions.
  •  Maintain the same surface color.
  •  Be resistant to all solvents.
  •  Resist heat to over 1,200 F.

FDA Approval

All of the ingredients in Micro Tuff™ are on the FDA approved List of “Indirect” Additives Used In Contact Substances for use with foods, food additives, medical devices and drugs. Using Micro Tuff™ Polymer on molds, tooling, dies and related manufacturing components qualifies as indirect usage. A copy of this list may be obtained from the FDA website at https://www.cfsanappsexternal.fda.gov/scripts/fdcc/?set=IndirectAdditives

Use Rate

A little Micro Tuff™ goes a long way as not very much is needed to treat a large surface area. The exact consumption rate will vary with the application technique, temperature and surface contour. A bar of Micro Tuff™ will typically treat around 125,000 square inches of surface area for flat and cylindrical shapes.

Storage and Stability

Micro Tuff™ Polymer should be stored in a clean and dry area. Avoid freezing or temperatures exceeding 120° F. The stability and storage life of this product is indefinite.


Micro Tuff™ is classified as Non-Hazardous by the DOT and it is not listed under SARAH, EPA 40 CFR, nor OSHA 29. Micro Tuff™ is, however, an industrial product and should be handled as such. Read the safety information provided in the Application Manual as well as the SDS before using