Micro Tuff™ Application

Micro Tuff™ is both easy and inexpensive to apply. Special dipping tanks and vacuum chambers are not required and most industrial plants are already equipped to handle the application. Micro Tuff™ is impregnated in a simple and fast process using a polishing type operation and a low temperature heat source to melt the Polymer. A surface heat of only 275 – 375F is all that is
needed and heating the entire object is not necessary. In many cases a simple Benz-O-Matic™ torch can be used for smaller part sizes and quantities. The operation proceeds quickly and a large area can be treated in a short period of time. Details on the exact procedure are outlined in the Application Manual provided with the first order.

Dura Prep is used for cleaning and activation prior to the application of Micro Tuff™ Polymer. This prepares the surface so that the polymer can adequately penetrate and bond into the crystal structure of the metal.

Following are two examples of Micro Tuff™ application costs; one for a sheet dye and the other for a hydraulic rod. In both cases the Micro Tuff™ Polymer cost was $550.00 per bar and the labor cost was $12.00 per hour.

Sheet Dye:

This sheet die had a surface area of 1,440 square inches (10 sq. ft.) and measured 24″ x 60″. It was impregnated with Micro Tuff™ in the tool shop of a large plastic manufacturer. Polymer consumption was approx. 70,000 sq. in. per bar. The die had a fairly simple flat surface. The time required was 30 minutes.

Hydraulic Rod:

This hydraulic rod had a surface area of 2,262 square inches (15.7 sq. ft.) and measured 6″ dia. x 120″ long. It was impregnated with Micro Tuff™ Polymer in a hydraulic rebuilding shop using a manual polishing lathe. Polymer consumption was approx. 105,000 sq. in. per bar. The time required was 12 minutes.

Heating Cylinder

Micro Tuff Applied

Polishing The Micro Tuff

Micro Tuff Impregnated

Cost Calculations

Micro Tuff™ Polymer:

Misc. materials:


Total Job Cost:

Cost/Sq. Inch:

Sheet Dye

  • 11.31
  • 2.37
  • 6.00
  • $19.68
  • $0.014

Hydraulic Rod

  • 11.85
  • 2.93
  • 2.40
  • $17.18
  • $0.008