Plastics Technology

MicroTuff™ is a Trade Mark of Plating Resources, Inc. Copyright and all other World Rights reserved, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2014.

A polymer sealant for chrome-plated tooling has been chalking up some impressive results lately. The Micro Tuff™ coating is applied in a post-plating process that fills in the micro cracks and surface porosity inherent in chromed tooling. Its supplier, Plating Resources, Inc. of Cocoa, FL, claims ten-fold greater wear resistance as compared with untreated hard-chrome plating. What’s more, in some extrusion applications Micro Tuff™ imparts lubricity and release advantages that have boosted output rates.

Sold in bar form, Micro Tuff™ combines a long-chain, highly cross linked polymer with an organic impregnating agent. The company says a chemical reaction takes place during application which resembles polishing to seal the surface of the chrome finish. Once applied, additional Micro Tuff™ can be used periodically as a cleaner to remove polymer deposits. An extruder supplier, reports during recent trails at a PVC siding operation, the Micro Tuff™ seemed to keep areas of burnt polymer from forming on the tooling and improved output by 150lb/hr on three similar lines.